Victoria Surf Clinic

Growing up in Victoria, my idols that I watched on TV in the Nutri-Grain series seemed to live far away and removed from my life. For sure, I had excellent role models in Victoria including the older girls in Ocean Grove SLSC. Those girls inspired me to train hard every day. As I am still a Victorian at heart I love coming home to see how the nippers and youth are progressing and helping out where I can. My aim is to hopefully inspire these kids to love the surf as much as I do.

Over the weekend I came home to Victoria to speak at the Female Leadership Network at Ocean Grove. This presentation included a skills session in the surf for both competent athletes and novices alike. During the weekend I jam-packed some activities in which included hanging out with the ‘up and comers’ of today.

I spoke at Geelong Swim Club where I swim trained for ten years and also Half Moon Bay SLSC about what it was like being a young athlete, the importance of nutrition, the dedication it takes to achieve your goals and also juggling multiple sports and school. I loved telling stories of what it was like for me growing up in Geelong and also the lessons I have learned along the way which have contributed to me being athlete I am today.

I took three girls from Mornington LSCfor a skills session in the lead up to the Victoria State Champions at Fairhaven. As these girls don’t often get the opportunity to train in big surf it was a great chance for them to practice their skills including popping, rolling and catching waves. They were charging through the shore break and were never afraid. They had smiles on their faces the whole time. Well done Zahli, Seren and Tilly.

I also took an energetic bunch of Portsea Nippers for a skills session. They travelled across on the ferry to Torquay to simulate the surf conditions that nipper states at Warrnambool may be like. These kids were so eager to learn and just loved taking big waves from the back. They just couldn’t get enough of it, and after a two-hour skills session they just wanted to stay out and free surf.  It was awesome to see them improving their skills throughout the session. I know I was afraid of the surf when I first started paddling a nipper board, so I understand how scary it can be out there. But I also know the importance and value of spending time in the surf. I was so impressed with these kids for having a go!

Thanks for everyone for having me over the weekend or for coming to listen to me speak.

Good luck at states!







Grace McCalmon