I like to rise with the sun

Why I like to get up early…..

Look I am not going to lie, it’s hard! When my alarm goes off I don’t always think, “Yes!! I can’t wait to go train” most of the time I can only think about is how warm and comfy my bed is.

I of all people understand how hard it is to get up early, and start your day before the sun does. But stick with me here because honestly there is something so peaceful about waking up early when most people are still in bed. Something so personally satisfying knowing that you’re getting one step closer to your goals while most people are asleep. Here are some of my tips to getting out of bed early, and kick start your day.

Sunrise shoot.jpg

Create motivation

Now I know it’s hard to create motivation every day to get up early, but having a goal to work towards certainly helps. Set goals that means something to you and they will motivate you.

Make a plan

Take some time and plan what you will do first thing in the morning, and be accountable. Book in a Pilates class or organise to meet a friend for a run. Make exercise in the morning as serious or social as you need, but non-negotiable. If you are meeting a friend or have made a commitment, it’s already part of your day.


Set two alarms so you can’t switch one off. Put your alarm on the other side of the bed so you can’t go back to sleep. Have your exercise gear laid out ready for you to put straight on. Pre-prepare breakfast, especially if you have to go straight to work after.

Finishing training before most people wake up makes me feel like I have achieved something for the day. Try it, get one step closer to your goals and after a couple of weeks you will find yourself in a routine and it will be your new normal.


Harriet Brown