Conquering Ka'iwi - Molokai 2019

That race, the challenge and my rivalry with Lizzie Welborn.

The Molokai to Oahu is an unfathomable 52km paddle across the Ka’iwi Channel also known as the channel of bones. Hear our perspective of the dedication, commitment and unwavering mindset we have to muster to survive the world’s most challenging paddle race.

What an epic battle we had. Lizzie and I pushing each other all the way to the end. We were the first female prone paddles to go under five hours and we sure wouldn’t have gone so fast if we didn’t have each other.

My Molokai to Oahu reflection. It looks like all we do is paddle for 52km. But in my mind....I’m on a roller coaster ride.

Moments of feeling nervous when we all paddle out and are waiting for the gun
Moments of feeling inspired and strong in the first hour when everything feels so smooth 
Moments of feeling insignificant when I think about how I’m a small dot in the middle of the ocean
Moments of thrill when I link up one runner to the next 
Moments of distraction when I think about what I might eat after the race 
Moments of doubt when my body is hurting and screaming at me to stop 
Moments of hope when I take my first caffeine gel 
Moments of gratitude when my crew keep cheering for me
Moments of determination when I can see the finish line so close
And moments of relief and satisfaction when I crossed that line achieving my goal in first place and in record time 🏆

I love this race and all that it teaches me and those who take on it’s challenge.

Video by: Jesse Yonover

By: Jolyn Australasia

Harriet Brown